1998 Ferrari 355 F1 Berlinetta

  • Chassis No: #110506
  • Colour: Rosso Corsa
  • Interior Trim: Nero Hide
  • Supplied by: Maranello Concessionaires Ltd
  • Date of 1st Reg: 4th February 1998
  • Mileage: 12,268 miles

An exceptional example of this highly collectible modern classic Ferrari icon

This original, right-hand drive UK car is specified in the quintessential Ferrari colour of Rosso Corsa with Nero leather.
Recently the subject of a comprehensive cosmetic and mechanical refresh (including cam belts), this stunning Ferrari 355 F1 Berlinetta has a detailed service history, drives beautifully and warrants a place in any Ferrari collection.

Introduced at the 1994 Geneva International Motor Show, the F355 made an immediate impact on media, Ferrari owners and the public alike.
Initially a six-speed manual only, the ground-breaking F1 gearbox was launched in 1997 and was developed directly from its pioneering work in F1.

A replacement for the somewhat underwhelming 348, the 355 was a true game changer; a harder-hitting, more modern midengined Ferrari that was just as wonderful to drive as it was to look at.

The Ferrari 355 bridges the gap between old Ferrari and new; between quaint, classic, small V8s and the recent 200mph V8 supercars. It’s the last hand-built Ferrari, but also the first to really embrace modern technology.

At the 355’s heart as with all Ferraris, is the engine, a flat plane crank V8 masterpiece. An engineering tour de force which, at the time of the car’s debut, delivered the highest specific output of any road car (107bhp per litre) –
eclipsing even the mighty BMW V12 of the McLaren F1.
With titanium con-rods, and the hugely innovative five valves per cylinder technology inspired by Ferrari’s Formula One programme, the F129B engine produced 375bhp at a heady 8250rpm – all from just 3.5 litres of displacement.
So proud was Ferrari of this F1-inspired engine that the 355 model name unusually comes from a combination displacement and the number of valves per cylinder – 3.5 5.

The 355 was, as Autocar concluded in its 1994 road test, “a landmark car”. Jeremy Clarkson hailed the 355 as “The greatest car in the world, ever!” and the world’s media concurred.
For many, the model represents a high-point for the marque offering the perfect blend of old and new, combining contemporary performance with captivating analogue character – all wrapped up in a beautifully proportioned Pininfarina body. As a package, it really is hard to resist.

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