Aston Martin DB6 Volante

Better than new full factory spec restoration

Bell Sport & Classic embarked on a project to fully restore this Aston Martin DB6 Volante in order to rebuild to a standard higher than when it left the factory whilst retaining the authenticity and feel.

After complete strip and assessment. the chassis was strengthened to overcome the notorious flex associated with the model to ensure a precise, solid feel, supported upgraded rear telescopic shocks to ensure the car’s handling feels assured and predictable.

Engine capacity was increased to 4.2 litres with lightweight, high compression pistons and all components engineered and balanced for a particularly smooth operation and long life.

The engine was Dyno’d for precise and optimal tuning of the carburettors, needle profiles and cam timing, ensuring progressive power delivery across the entire rev range peeking at 320bhp and a steady idle.

Considerable attention was given to the installation of a new hood – watertight even at speed, with upgraded hydraulics for in seat operation and lifelong reliability. The aesthetics of the hood were important, and the hood was subtly re-profiled for a sportier look without compromise to rear passenger comfort. Subtle improvements to the heating and de-misting also add enhanced driver comfort.

Further upgrades for driveability included the installation of electric assisted steering, uprated brakes with re-engineered servo for effective stopping at speeds and longer life.

A modern radio, Satnav and hands-free unit was discreetly concealed in the speaker box with the microphone carefully concealed in a dashboard button. The full range of speakers, six in all, were carefully positioned and hidden in the car for best sound and the DAB/FM aerial was installed out of sight for good reception.


YEAR: 1967
MAKE: Aston Martin
MODEL: DB6 Volante
COLOUR: Meteorite Silver
ENGINE CAPACITY: 4.2 litre Straight six
TRANSMISSION: 5 Speed Manual