1987 Lamborghini LM 002


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Lamborghini LM 002

How, Why….what on earth !.. read on

It all began back in 1976, when a small, ambitious American defence contractor, Mobility Technology International, approached Lamborghini with a design for an all-terrain vehicle that might have military applications. The result, unveiled in 1977 at the Geneva show, was the Lamborghini Cheetah, a wild, low-slung four-wheeler powered by a rear-mounted, 5.9-liter Chrysler V-8. There was only one small problem: the Cheetah looked amazingly like another American-designed vehicle, a project for the Pentagon known as the FMC XR311; in fact, some of the MTI designers had previously worked on the FMC machine. Because the Cheetah was so similar to the XR311, FMC threatened legal action against both MTI and Lamborghini, and the Cheetah was quickly dropped. (In contrast, the XR311 led ultimately to the army’s new HMMWV light-utility vehicle.) The whole sordid episode, plus a joint effort with BMW that also went sour, severely damaged Lamborghini’s reputation and nearly caused the company’s collapse. The only Cheetah ever built was destroyed in a crash in the United States.
Lamborghini’s interest in a Cheetah-like vehicle lived on, however—mainly because of the booming worldwide business in military hardware. In 1980, the Swiss brothers Patrick and Jean-Claude Mimran bought Lamborghini and began the process of restoring the company to financial health.
The LM001 debuted the following year at Geneva, and by 1982 the first LM002 had been constructed. The engine, a home-grown V-12, had been relocated to the front for better traction and weight distribution than the Cheetah-like 001 had offered. The new chassis was fabricated from large steel tubes welded into a stiff space frame and was covered with a light, slab-sided, fiberglass-and-aluminium body. The suspension was fully independent, with unequal-length control arms and coil springs fore and aft. The four-wheel-drive system worked through a centre-mounted two-speed transfer case, which permitted 4wd operation in low and high ranges, plus conventional rear-wheel drive. The transmission was a heavy-duty ZF S5-24/3 five-speed manual, mounted behind the engine. Inside the cabin was room for four passengers, and two to four more could ride shotgun (literally) in an open-air observation deck out back. The entire setup was mounted on the most awesome tires this side of a tractor pull. This Rambo Lambo sits on a set of 345 (that’s three, forty-five) 60VR-17 Pirelli radials, which, though DOT-rated, were previously unknown in the Automotive world, and are presumably about as expensive as a fleet of Fiesta’s.
Just about every single LM002 was made to order, from the basic factory model up to heavily armoured versions … people driving this kind of car liked to feel safe, even under less than perfect circumstances. At least one of the LM002 was equipped with the L804 engine … a 7.2 litre V12 normally intended for offshore powerboat racing, but it would fit nicely in the LM002 too, aptly named LM004 in that case.

Over the seven years the LM002 was in production it became a decent success, in total 301 would be built … today these cars are at least 20 years old and several have been lost over time which makes them a rare sight, hence no matter where you drive a Lamborghini LM002, you will still be admired. Back in the Eighties, a journalist for a well know car magazine nicknamed an LM002 the Rambo Lambo … and that name still hangs on today, probably because of its military looks and huge power, much like the character in the famous Rambo movies … if you think about it, the Lamborghini LM002 looks meaner than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone combined.

Remember we are talking about an era years before the Hummer H1, BMW X5, Audi Q7 or Porsche Cayenne were even being developed, in the Eighties a car standing 1.89m tall and 2m wide was very impressive and whenever a Lamborghini LM002 would appear in your rear view mirror, it was time to make way for it.

Bell Sport & Classic are delighted to offer this new to market, 1987 example, fresh from a complete overhaul & recommissioning by our own in house Lamborghini experts.
Finished in Blu Acupulco Metallizato LMB501 with Light Grey leather throughout, with matching wool carpets. Displaying a mere 13,690 klms, this particular vehicle was 1st registered in the UK during late 1997, & has had only 4 former keepers during this period.
During 2019, this vehicle underwent a major renovation here at Bell Sport & Classic, all fully photographically documented. Work included a full strip down & refurbishment of all suspension components, associated drive train components, engine, water pump & many other ancillary components. Paintwork & interior trim also received a full refresh, resulting in what must now be ‘the best’ example of this iconic LM002 anywhere in the world.

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  • Leather Upholstery
  • Aluminium Wheels
  • Restored
  • 17" Alloys
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