Lamborghini LM002

A unique preservation project for the most exclusive of Super SUVs

A monster 4×4 with the heart of a supercar. This Lamborghini LM002 has roared back to life with a full restoration, after having arrived with us in boxes.

Chassis number ZA00000HLA12040 is a left-hand drive example and the 40thto be built at Sant’Agata from a total production run of 301. It was finished in Blu Acupulco Metallizato LMB501 and trimmed inside in Light Grey leather.

The car arrived at Bell Sport and Classic in boxes as a part-restored project that had stalled and subsequently been cancelled. The engine block was still in place, but most of the ancillaries had been stripped off. All the separated components were supplied in boxes. It was a bit of a detective job

The painstaking restoration and recommissioning of this vehicle saw the Bell Sport and Classic team apply their unique restoration philosophy of preservation and authenticity allied to the very highest technical and aesthetic standards.

The car was fully stripped, assessed, and documented with the key components powder coated ahead of the re-build. Work included a full strip down & refurbishment of all suspension components, associated drive train components, engine, water pump & many other ancillary components.

The grey leather interior was in good condition for its age and its patina is part of the story of the vehicle, so it was carefully cleaned, and all minor tears and scuffs repaired. The car was sent for a full respray in the original factory Blu Acupulco Metallizato LMB501 finish and all door seals were replaced.

Unique in many ways, the LM002 required the team to create specialist one-off tools, manufacture and machine unavailable components and use decades of skill and experience to bring the car back to life in a better than new state resulting in what must now be ‘the best’ example of this iconic LM002 anywhere in the world.


YEAR: 1987
MAKE: Lamborghini
COLOUR: Blue Acapulco Metallizato
INTERIOR TRIM: Light Grey leather
ENGINE CAPACITY: 5.2 litre V12
TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual