Morgan Hertfordshire arrives at Bell Sport & Classic

We are very pleased to announce that Bell Sport & Classic is partnering with the iconic Morgan Motor Company to deliver  a new Morgan dealership for Hertfordshire.

Sitting alongside the existing Bell Sport & Classic business, Morgan Hertfordshire will display Morgan’s latest corporate identity and act as a flagship for the brand

delivering a contemporary Morgan retail experience to new audiences.

Ahead of the official opening later this summer we are already operational and welcome enquiries and test drives for the exciting new Morgan Super 3 and Plus range.

The brand has a unique place in the automotive world and the blending of coach built craftsmanship with the almost limitless personalised commissioning really resonates with us.

The new cars deliver a genuinely thrilling sports car experience and, with the range continuing to grow, there is a lot to get excited about with the arrival of Morgan Hertfordshire

Contact the sales team today to book a test drive