Model - Aston Martin DB4 GT
Chassis - 370/011/GT
Reg - 8668DA

The DB4 GT is one of the most valuable and collectable cars in Aston Martin’s history, some fetching over £1m at auction. As pre-cursors to perhaps the most famous Aston Martin (DB5) the DB4 GT and the DB4 GT Zagato played a crucial role in defining some of the iconic design cues still used in by the manufacturer today.

In October 1959, at the London Motor Show, an exciting new development of DB4 was unveiled. With a shorter chassis, faired in headlamps and an uprated engine with 3 Weber carburettors, DB4 GT was designed to be equally at home on road and track. The new model was 85Kg lighter than the DB4 and was raced extensively with success by many famous drivers of the day.

This particular car was commissioned to us by our friends at Hexagon Classics back in 2017 for a complete engine overhaul. The engine was fully stripped, with all components measured, checked for wear or damage and replaced where necessary.

The engine block was rebored, chemically cleaned and fully overhauled back to its original condition. The cylinder head required re-welding and machining due to previous damage. We then re-assembled with new bearings, pistons, valve seats and guides.

If you would like to know more about this project in particular or the restoration process please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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