1975 Kremer Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR


Kremer Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR  # 005 0004

With Motorsport lying at the heart of the Porsche philosophy, they have produced many significant & race winning cars over the years.  None more so than the iconic, multi-race winning 911 RSR.

Initially run in 2.8 litre guise, for the 1974 season Porsche produced another evolution. Developed around the 3.0 litre RS Homologation special, the 3.0 litre RSR became the most successful Group 4 car of it’s era, sweeping all before it in the IMSA, Trans Am & FIA World Championship.

Fitted with the Type 911/75 engines, featuring high-lift camshafts, Bosch Slide injection & twin plug ignition systems, the RSR also had a larger capacity dry sump system & dual megaphone exhausts….a magnificent sound to behold.  Displacement remained unchained from the RS at 2992cc, but with a higher compression ratio, resulted in excess of 350hp @8,000 rpm.

The 5 speed, close ratio transmission from the RS was installed, along with a new heavy duty Sachs sintered clutch. Coils springs were either Steel or Titanium.

Visually the 3.0 litre RSR sat on special 5-Spoke centre-locking 15 inch Alloys, (from the Porsche 917) with these being 10.5 inch wide at the front, & a massive 14 inch at the rear.  Ultra lightweight panels were used for the ventilated wheel extensions, bumpers, front lid, rear engine cover & spoiler.

Inside, the cockpit got the solitary ‘Lollipop’ style high backed Recaro bucket seat, & a 6 point racing harness to secure the driver firmly in place.

Performance was a given, based on a kerb weight of a mere 900kgs & top speed in excess of 170mph & sub 5 seconds to 60mph.  The RSR’s raced throughout the 74 & 75 seasons, dominating the opposition  & providing Porsche with it’s most successful customer racing car.

Our Car :  #005 0004

When Porsche ceased with the production of the 3.0 RSR’s (transitioning onto the 934), it had 4 remaining RSR Chassis unused.  One of these was used to build another car for Ludwig Heimrath, whilst the 3 remaining chassis were supplied to Kremer Racing, one of Porsche’s preferred racing partners.

One of these 3 RSR Chassis was #005 0004 (the hidden production number allocated by Porsche), whereby the first 3 numbers refer to the year (005 for 1975) and the following 4 digits denoting the actual number for the chassis. Kremer also used these numbers as the Vin No for their cars.

As such, a total of 53, plus 4  Porsche 911 3.0 RSR’s  were built.

#005 0004 is presented in immaculate condition, with bright paintwork & decals.

The original RSR type 911/75 short motor comes with the car in a separate crate. The current full race engine fitted to the car is built around a later Turbo block for more durability, particularly given the value & rarity of the original magnesium alloy 911/75 block.  The current engine runs all the original slides, trumpets & injection system.  The car currently has an electronic distributor & rev counter fitted, but the original items are within the spares package for the car.  The correct 915 type gearbox is fitted.  The braking system is the original & correct type discs & calipers, again carried over from the Porsche 917.  The original Lollipop race seat accompanies the car, although later style Recaro seats are fitted inline with current FIA regulations.

#005 0004 is very well documented & with a continuous ownership history from new. Accompanying the car is a very comprehensive history file, with an extensive picture restoration file, the original ONS Wagenpass, current FIA papers & many in period documents & pictures.

Please contact our sales team for further details and the full race history.