2003 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale (SOLD)

2003(53) Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale  – left hand drive.

One of the greatest Ferrari’s of the 2000s, the 360 Challenge Stradale really set the trend of having track focused street-legal sports cars.  64,00 kilometers with a comprehensive service history

  • Rosso Scuderia
  • Tessuto Racing Nero/Rosso interior
  • Contrast stitching (red)
  • Nero Carpets
  • Carbon race seats
  • Four point harness
  • Road legal roll-cage in black
  • Integrated Hi-Fi

It’s a great line.  “Win on Sunday; sell on Monday.” However, legitimate examples of motorsport technology passing on to road cars  was never as prevalent as the hype would indicate. Not so in the case of Ferrari’s Challenge Stradale, for which the link is both clear and genuine.

The Stradale is a steroid-injected adaptation of the already potent 360 Modena employing direct technology and hardware transfer from Ferrari’s FIA GT and Ferrari Challenge racers of the time and result is a street-legal road racer. The Stradale’s methodology applies three basic elements of a successful race car to the standard Modena coupe package: Make it lighter; make it more powerful; and make it handle better.

The pursuit of weight reduction was comprehensive with too many details to list here, but the fact that the interior is bare aluminium underfoot, the floorpan is carbon fibre (50 per cent lighter) and the wheel bolts are titanium gives you some idea. A kerb weight of just 1280kg means the CS sits exactly halfway between the regular 360 and the Challenge race car.

A lightweight exhaust system reduces back pressure and leaves little doubt as to why the sound system was deleted: At idle, the 420 bhp Stradale emits a racy rasp, and at wide-open throttle, it becomes the most wicked of wails.

The Ferrari Challenge Stradale defines race technology for the street, and it comes wrapped in an emotional, exciting package.

  • Engine V8, 3586cc
  • Max power 420bhp @ 8500rpm
  • Max torque 275lb ft @ 4750rpm
  • 0-62mph 4.1sec
  • Top speed 186mph

Reduced weight, increased performance and with the carbon ceramic brakes carried over from the Ferrari Enzo, the Challenge Stradale delivers superb handling, braking and a visceral driving experience honed for both the track and the road.

Built very much with driver excitement in mind the Challenge Stradale is perhaps most often praised for it’s unforgettable exhaust note which still to this day is regarded as the loudest street-going Ferrari ever made.

With only 1288 units, the 360 Challenge Stradale remains one of the most exclusive and desirable of the special series 8 cylinder Ferrari’s ever built.

  • +Carbon race seats
  • +Four point harness
  • +Road legal roll-cage in black
  • +Integrated Hi-Fi