2003 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale


Revealed in 2003 and Inspired by Ferrari’s 360 Challenge racing series, the Challenge Stradale is the track focused iteration of the 360 Modena. The focus in development of the car was primarily on improving its track performance credentials by concentrating on handling, braking and weight reduction All of which makes the 360 CS the genome for a particular genetic strand of supercar: lighter, angrier, honed for the track but still road-legal. It’s a niche that’s been thoroughly explored since but rarely bettered in spirit.

  • Argento Nurburgring
  • Nero Leather
  • Contrast stitching on Grigio
  • Racing seats in ‘Sedili Taglia Large 360 CH Str’
  • Black Brake Calipers,
  • Scuderia Shields
  • Factory Radio / speaker option
  • Factory stripe deletion


The Ferrari 360  CS set the blueprint for the type: highly tuned engines, advanced electronics, bespoke tyres, extreme aero, and weight loss via the removal of extraneous items and implementation of exotic materials. All would be core attributes of the hardcore supercar in the years to follow. Three seconds faster around Fiorano than the standard car was the objective; 3.5sec was the result.

Not that the Ferrari screams about its intentions: there is no towering rear wing raised high in the slipstream; no ‘canards’ festooning the nose. The CS’s enhancements are subtle but no less effective. Post Stradale, the standard 360 looks a bit undefined, lofty, timid. The CS’s lower front air dam, deeper sides and subtly raised rear deck contributed to a 50 per cent increase in downforce, meaning 40kg more of the invisible force at 124mph.

Given that the power increase would be minimal over the standard car, Ferrari knew weight loss was going to be the most effective way to increase performance. In the ideal lightweight specification, that reduction is 110kg – ‘ideal’ including the lightweight bucket seats, There are too many details to list here, but the fact that the interior is bare aluminium underfoot, the floorpan is carbonfibre (50 per cent lighter) and the wheel bolts are titanium gives you some idea. A kerb weight of just 1280kg means the CS sits exactly halfway between the regular 360 and the Challenge race car (1170kg with fluids) in terms of mass.

Wedged into the Stradale’s bucket seat, you feel the whole car tremor at idle with the energy of the V8. Pulling away, the CS tells you absolutely everything, and I mean everything, about the surface beneath you.

As one journalist at the time wrote: ‘Assisted by its cab-forward driving position, it’s as though you have the palms of each hand resting on the top of each tyre.’ There’s a lightness of touch, too – in the steering, the way the car rides bumps, changes direction. It’s a nimbleness that helps it shrink around you, makes it less intimidating. And when the tail begins to slide, it does so progressively, communicating clearly.

  • Engine V8, 3586cc
  • Max power        420bhp @ 8500rpm
  • Max torque 275lb ft @ 4750rpm
  • Weight 1280kg
  • 0-62mph 4.1sec
  • Top speed 186mph

Without question amongst  the nicest example of a 360 CS we have come across in a very long time, this is one of the very limited number to ever be supplied through the UK Ferrari dealer network (@119 UK RHD Cars), from a total worldwide run of @1288 units….making these one of the rarest & most desirable of the special series 8 cylinder Ferrari’s ever built.

Having covered 30,600 miles, & supported with a full service history, along with original books, tools, car cover & battery charger, this car is available for immediate delivery.

  • +Air Condition
  • +Sound System
  • +Leather Upholstery
  • +Aluminium Wheels
  • +Scuderia Shields
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