2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale LHD


Hugely collectible, the Special Edition that marked the last of the naturally aspirated V8 Ferraris

2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale LHD

Supplied new by FAST AUTO TECHNIC co. Jeddah 31/03/2014.  Came to the UK in 2018

Grigio Silverstone with Nero Racing Stripe,  Nero alcantara with Giallo Tessuto 3-D Fabric, Nero carpets

  • Suspension Lift
  • Carbon Fibre Racing Seats (Large)
  • Yellow Rev Counter
  • AFS Headlight System
  • Handy Fire Extinguisher
  • Heat Insulating Windscreen
  • Scuderia Shields
  • Radionav + Bluetooth
  • Parking Camera
  • Front + Rear Parking Sensors
  • Integrated Hi Fi
  • Spare Wheel Kit
  • Gold Brake Calipers
  • 20” Forged Gold Wheels

The Ferrari 458 Speciale takes what is already one of the most extreme road cars and turns it up a notch further. In the spirit of the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia, the Speciale took the 458 into new, more hardcore territory.

The 458 Speciale was the last naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari and the engine was at its peak in terms of evolution – the 4.5-litre V8 produces 597bhp at 9000rpm, its 133bhp-per-litre made possible by a staggering 14:1 compression ratio. This greater output is pushing 90kg less too, thanks to a carbonfibre underbody, thinner glass for windscreen and side windows, a Lexan engine cover, new and lighter ceramic brakes, forged wheels and an interior of delicious minimalism.

There are also magnetic dampers, stiffer springs and anti-roll bars, active aero and high silicon content ceramic discs… no wonder Ferrari said this car isn’t a ‘version’ of the 458 Italia, but a whole new car.

What’s it like to drive?

The firm ride has no hint of harshness. It’s wedded beautifully to an accurate steering system, consistent and responsive brakes and a sweet brutality from the twin-clutch gearbox. The Speciale isn’t just stiffer, faster, louder than a 458 Italia, it’s just beautifully wrought, cohesive and – no question – it feels more serious, more focused and just plain better.

Braking late into a corner is made slightly more brutal thanks to the fast rev-match on downshifts, each shift bringing a jolt as the gears hit home. It feels like the shifts are completed with no margin at all. If the clutch closed a millisecond sooner the rear wheels would lock. There is no margin, no slack anywhere in this car.

Side Slip angle Control (SSC) system allows drivers of all skill levels to explore the depth of the Speciale’s ability with as little electronic intervention as possible, but still with a degree of assistance should they overstep the mark.

This is a seriously rapid car. The engine is remarkable, and the way it melds thick, instant torque with that explosive top-end delivery is quite breathtaking.

  • Engine                V8, 4497cc
  • Max power        597bhp @ 9000rpm
  • Max torque       398lb ft @ 6000rpm
  • 0-60                    0secs
  • Top speed         202mph

Being the last special edition naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari, makes this car a highly sought after and collectable addition to any investor’s or enthusiast’s garage.

Having covered 12,175 miles from new and with a full Ferrari service history (Last serviced 06/12/21 by Dick Lovett) this stunning Special Series Ferrari is available for immediate delivery.

Please contact our sales team for further details.

  • +Carbon Fibre Racing Seats (Large)
  • +AFS Headlight System
  • +Handy Fire Extinguisher
  • +Heat Insulating Windscreen
  • +Radionav + Bluetooth
  • +Front + Rear Parking Sensors
  • +Integrated Hi Fi
  • +Spare Wheel Kit
  • +Gold Brake Calipers
  • +20” Forged Gold Wheels