2016 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (SOLD)

Brutally fast, elegantly balanced and with a welcome layer of everyday usability

Beautifully wrapped in the special order colour Rosso Fiorano and trim in contrast stitched Sabia hide this stunning low mileage V12 Ferrari has  a full dealer service history and only 14,500 miles from new.

  • Rosso Fiorano (Extra-Range Historical colour)
  • Sabia hide with Bordeaux carpets
  • Upper Zone in Nero Alcantara
  • Bordeaux colour match seatbelts
  • Cavallino Stitched Headrests
  • Full Electric Seats
  • Contrast Stitching in Bordeaux
  • Alcantara Parcel Shelf in Nero
  • Hi Power HiFi
  • Adaptive headlights
  • Yellow Brake Calipers
  • Chromed Front Grille Edges
  • Carbon Driver Zone + LEDs
  • Yellow Instrument Colour
  • Cruise Control
  • HELE
  • Scuderia Shields to front wings
  • Electrochromic Mirrors
  • NavTrak
  • Parking Camera Rear
  • Dual View Front Parking Camera
  • Sports Sill Cover
  • Tyre Pressure Monitor
  • 20″ Forged Diamond Rims

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was Ferrari’s replacement for the 599 GTB.  Positioned as both GT and supercar, the F12 mixes front-engined packaging and civility with exotic, F1-inspired dynamic ability.

For the F12, Ferrari’s V12 engine was significantly re-engineered to produce more power, rev higher and ensure much quicker throttle response. It produces an almost unbelievable 730bhp at 8250rpm (it revs to 8700rpm) and 509lb ft at 6000rpm.  The results are startling: 0-62mph in 3.1-seconds, 0-124mph in 8.5-seconds and a top speed of over 211mph. Those acceleration figures put it ahead of a McLaren F1 and around Fiorano it’s faster than an Enzo or even the ultra-extreme 599 GTO.

What’s it like to drive?

It weighs 1600kg but it’s as thrilling as a Caterham 620R. It’s fair to say the Ferrari F12 had one of the best drivetrains of any road car on sale at the time of release.  The way its dozen cylinders rev with apparently no inertia is insane and the twin-clutch gearbox not only keeps up, but actually enhances the experience. It feels like all 730bhp are in full health. Amazingly the traction is also very trustworthy and on a scorching hot and dry day you can really feel the E-diff hunting for drive and digging you out of corners.

It would be hard to think of a more agile front-engined, rear-drive car with big firepower. What’s really impressive is that the very pointy front doesn’t upset the rear until you’re literally throwing the car between direction changes. Even then, the rear tends to adopt just a shade of oversteer that barely needs correction.

Definitely more supercar than GT The F12 is so fast and brutal in response to the smallest input that you are constantly busy, but there is a welcome layer of everyday usability too!

Engine: 6262cc V12, petrol
Power: 730bhp @ 8250rpm
Torque: 509lb ft @ 6000rpm
0-60 mph: 3.1sec (claimed 0-62mph)
Top Speed: 211 mph

  • +Cavallino Stitched Headrests
  • +Hi Power HiFi
  • +Electrochromic Mirrors
  • +NavTrak
  • +Parking Camera Rear
  • +Dual View Front Parking Camera
  • +Tyre Pressure Monitor
  • +20" Forged Diamond Rims