2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge


Fully prepared and maintained by a professional race team, this Ferrari 488 Challenge Championship winning car is ready to race!

  • A one-owner
  • Superb condition.
  • Championship winning car 2 x Britcar and GT Cup.
  • Uprated suspension
  • Steel brake conversion
  • Test day available subject to status

The ultimate car for the committed racer or track day enthusiast, very drivable, and eligible for most 95db restricted events!

Utilising the new turbocharged Ferrari 3.9-litre V8 from the 488 GTB this car is a  significant leap forward in terms of technology from previous Challenge cars. It was also the first Ferrari to use a forced induction engine since the iconic F40, in the late ’80s. This advanced technology lends itself very well to the 488 Challenge, and with a hefty 660bhp, it certainly packs a punch. However, there’s a lot more to this ultimate track machine than its potent V8.

The 488 Challenge represents the pinnacle of Maranello’s motorsport expertise. From the carefully developed aero enhancements, designed to produce downforce and aid cooling to the engine and brakes, this truly is a race car for the modern age. A sophisticated dual-clutch transmission delivers lightning fast shifts, while the ‘Manettino’ controls on the steering wheel allows the driver to take full control of the dynamics, including adjustments to traction and braking.

This car has two Britcar and GT Cup wins under its belt and has been fastidiously maintained by a professional race team throughout its short life. It benefits from uprated suspension and a steel brake conversion upgrade to further enhance its ability on track. If you’re looking for the ultimate, modern Ferrari track or race car, then this represents one of the finest currently available.

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  • +Uprated suspension
  • +Steel brake conversion