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Enhanced Cleaning and Vehicle Detailing

Our on-site detailing service offers a range of options for the cleaning, cleansing and enhancement of your vehicle’s appearance both inside and out. With an in-depth, component level knowledge of the cars we look after, we ensure the correct and appropriate handling of paintwork and trim depending on vehicle age and condition.

Level 1

Service Wash

(1.5 HRS) £40 + VAT

Hand shampoo and paintwork conditioner, pressure wash off, wheel clean with rotation, glass clean, interior and vacuum.

  • Hand wash using pH neutral shampoo and conditioner
  • Snow foam bodywork
  • Pressure wash bodywork and wheel arches
  • Leather off and dry with micro-fibre towels
  • Clean wheels using acid-free wheel cleaner (with rotation)
  • Door shuts and boot shuts cleaned
  • Clean all door panels and dashboard
  • Clean glass
  • Vacuum seats, carpets, mats, and boot

Level 2

Decontamination Wash & Polish

(4 HRS) £350 + VAT

The purpose of a level 2 clean is to decontaminate the paintwork and maintain the level of finish. It is a thorough cleaning process utilising chemical and mechanical decontamination and finished with a Carnauba wax and hand polish. Does not include paint correction.

  • Gentle pre-wash treatment of the vehicle exterior (including wheels)
  • Foaming decontamination of the exterior using a custom fallout remover & conditioning solution followed by a rinse
  • Engine bay
  • Second stage pre-wash treatment to loosen more stubborn dirt
  • A wash of the outside of your car and wheels using a high-quality shampoo and lambswool mitt
  • A rinse and hand dry of your car (includes use of Venti hot air blower to aid drying) using deep-pile microfibre towels
  • High-speed, filtered, warm air drying of all shut lines and external fittings
  • A cleanse of all door and boot shuts
  • Spot application of a gentle tar/adhesive remover to eliminate any persistent larger contaminants incl. road grime, oil, sap, insect impacts etc.
  • Clay bar treatment to remove surface contaminants and leave the enhanced paintwork surface
  • Hand application of a high-quality cleanser/glaze to improve the finish and paintwork lustre
  • An exterior vinyl/rubber treatment which includes UV protection
  • Clean/polish of the exhaust tips
  • Clean of all exterior glass
  • A further clean and buff of the wheels using a high-grade wheel polish and sealant
  • Application of a tyre and wheel arch dressing
  • Non-abrasive pre-wax oil treatment
  • Application of a superior quality sealant or Carnauba wax for paintwork protection & depth of shine and hand polish of all exterior flat surfaces incl. wheels for a durable level of protection
  • A final buff and inspection of the paintwork
  • Sanitise interior
  • Feed leather (as required)
  • Detailed vacuum and dust removal

Level 3

Enhancement Detail

(8 HRS) £800 + VAT

Aimed at new cars or cars needing a cosmetic refresh – this process delivers a 70-75% correction level removing minor surficial imperfection such as fine swirls and scratches in the clear/topcoat of the bodywork.

Our level 3 Enhancement Detail includes everything covered in our level 2 Decontamination Wash & Polish but adds an even higher level of focus on the details and a machine polish to enhance.

  • Extended examination of the vehicle’s current condition to identify areas of focus
  • Enhanced exterior clay bar treatment including wheels
  • Single stage machine polish to enhance paintwork, removing fine swirls/scratches and providing optimum clarity and shine
  • Secondary exterior foaming, hand wash, rinse, and dry of the exterior of the car
  • Extended detail cleaning of all badges/car logos using specialist brushes and detailing swabs
  • Hand application of a specialist cleanser to further enhance the exterior paint finish
  • Two-stage wax and hand finish using a double layer of the highest quality Carnauba wax

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