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1997 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Manual

Vehicle Features
  • Giallo Modena
  • Option Carbon Race Seats
  • Recent subject to a comprehensive cosmetic and mechanical refresh
  • Serviced July 2023
  • 30,272 miles
Vehicle Description
1997 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

This original, right-hand drive UK car is specified in the rare colour of Giallo Modena (as opposed to the more common Giallo Fly) with Grigio leather and the highly desirable option Carbon race seats.

30,272 miles. Recently the subject of a comprehensive cosmetic and mechanical refresh including a full repaint, interior switches, top end engine rebuild, and cam belts, this stunning Ferrari F355 has a detailed service history (last service July 2023) drives beautifully and warrants a place in any Ferrari collection.

Increasingly finding a place in some of the finest Ferrari collections, the F355 replaced the 348 as a harder-hitting, more modern mid-engined Ferrari that was just as wonderful to drive as it was to look at.

At the F355’s heart as with all Ferraris, is the engine, a flat plane crank V8 masterpiece. An engineering tour de force which, at the time of the car’s debut, delivered the highest specific output of any road car (107bhp per litre) – eclipsing even the mighty BMW V12 of the McLaren F1.

With titanium con-rods, and the hugely innovative five valves per cylinder technology inspired by Ferrari’s Formula One programme, the F129B engine produced 375bhp at a heady 8250rpm – all from just 3.5 litres of displacement. So proud was Ferrari of this F1-inspired engine that the F355 Berlinetta’s model name unusually comes from a combination displacement and the number of valves per cylinder – 3.5 5.

The F355 was, as Autocar concluded in its 1994 road test, “a landmark car”. Jeremy Clarkson hailed the 355 as “The greatest car in the world, ever!” and the world’s media concurred.
What they couldn’t have appreciated at the time is the wider context – the F355 Berlinetta’s extraordinary technical revolution, production volumes and overall bandwidth forced successive Ferrari models to be truly great cars. So the 355 is not just important, some say it’s the most significant car in Ferrari’s entire history.

With almost 30 years to reflect on the car’s impact it is fair to say that the 355 is ready to assume genuine classic status as it reaches this landmark anniversary.

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