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1988 Ferrari Testarossa

Unquestionably one of the most dramatic Ferraris and a true (80's) icon

Vehicle Description
1989 Ferrari Testarossa

Rosso Corsa with Crema, Cream headlining, Cream window surround, Rosso carpets.

A highly original, low mileage Ferrari Testarossa

Detailed Ferrari dealer history. 6,576 miles

The Testarossa was very much a child of the ’80s, the decade that gave us Dallas and shoulder pads, Harry Enfield’s ‘Loadsamoney’ and yuppies with brick-like mobiles.

In late ’84, Ferrari’s new supercar was revealed to the press amid the sequinned glamour of the Lido cabaret club on the Champs Élysées in Paris, and to the public the following day at the Paris motor show.

It became the defining automotive contribution to the cultural collage of the decade and a poster car for a generation. It was adored for its dramatic width and for introducing side strakes to a world that didn’t know it needed them.

A true Ferrari icon.

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