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2020 Morgan Plus Four Manual

Morgan Plus Four Manual in striking Sahara Yellow

Vehicle Features
  • Aircon
  • Heated Seats
  • Horizontal Pleated Seats
  • Model Logos embroidered on headrests
  • 15” Black Wire Wheel with chrome centre lock nuts
  • Fitted Spare Wheel
  • Sun Visors
  • Polished Stone Guard
  • Polished Grille
  • Spot lights
Vehicle Description
Sahara Yellow with Morgan Black Pebble leather, Black piping, Black box weave carpets, Matte Raven Veneer, Black CX steering wheel, Black Mohair Hood

While the rest of the world gets tweaked about electric this and battery that, there is the antidote that is Morgan which has absolutely no kind of hybrid assistance. Kind of refreshing, when you think about it.

The all new Plus Four, a replacement for the Plus 4 (numerals for old cars, spelled out words for the new ones) is 97 per cent new. The 97kg chassis is bonded aluminium (a la Lotus), with the bodywork supported by an ash frame (there’s the wood). Suspension is by double wishbones all round.

The Plus Four is powered buy a 2.0-litre four cylinder BWM unit which might not sound that exciting until you realise it only weighs 1,009kg and the motor in question develops 255bhp and 295lb ft.

The numbers that probably matter more to you are 0-62mph is 5.2secs and top speed of 152 mph!

Throw back the roof and hang your elbow out over the thoughtfully padded door and all is forgiven. In a two-seater roadster every journey should be a special event. In the Plus Four, it is.

4416 miles. Full service history. Available for immediate delivery

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