Matt Wilton

Matt has been an integral part of the Bell family for over 4 years now and was one of the architects of the move to our current premises. Starting the project from ‘a hole in the ground’ in 2016 and seeing it through to its present impressive form that we all enjoy today.

Before he joined Bell Classics back in the Gibraltar Farm days he spent many years servicing and restoring historic Ferraris at DK Engineering, with a particular niche in the F car and race car market.

Along with his extensive workshop experience with Ferrari F40s and F50s, Matt has also spent many seasons track-side providing team race support and competing in various Challenge series as driver.

Today Matt’s involved in sales as well as the workshop side, and he has helped widen our focus to include more modern machinery.

His career started as a Ferrari apprentice technician in 1998 at H.R. Owen  working under Attilio Romano, now reunited all these years later as part of our winning team.

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