World’s Greatest Ferrari Dino Restoration?

“back in the ’80s and ’90s when Dinos were relatively cheap that they were being restored – often badly. And that further skewed opinions against them.
So the question came up as to how a Dino would look and feel if it was restored to the same levels as, say, a 250GT or a 275GTB. And that led us to this car, chassis 00436, finished in August 1969. It was the seventh of just 357 L-series Dinos built between the low-volume 206GT and the more common M- and E-series production 246GTs””My goodness it’s lovely. To spend time with a Dino 246GT and learn its unusual ways is to fall in love, and that’s all the easier with an example so perfectly finished, so deserving of a top-quality restoration. Putting aside value and kudos, I’d have this over a 275GTB or Daytona because it’s so much more nimble and usable. Smitten? You bet.”

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