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We are leading supercar buyers always looking for classic and sports cars of all eras in excellent condition – and potential customers know that our seal of approval is worth a little extra.

If you’re looking to sell, we offer a fair valuation, an instant, hassle-free decision and fast cash settlement.

  • Classic to hypercar: If it’s a special car, we’re interested, from pre-war classic to modern-day hypercar.
  • Consignment sales: As well as outright cash purchase, we can offer consignment sales. Get in touch to talk over your options.
  • Part exchange: Seen a classic or sports car you like in our showroom? We could take yours in part exchange.
  • Outstanding finance? We can help settle any ongoing finance commitments on your car.
  • Nationwide collection: from Penzance to the Orkneys, no town is too far for us to come for the right car.
  • Cherished plates: we can arrange a swift transfer of your private registration number.
  • International purchase: if it’s a rare or sought-after car, we can purchase vehicles based abroad and arrange payment, collection, transport and shipping.


To discuss the sale of your vehicle, please contact the sales team on: + 44 (0) 1582 825 750 or:

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