Whether it’s a back to bare metal restoration or a careful preservation project, we have an exceptional range of talents at your disposal. Work is carried out to exacting standards and we’re passionate about what we do: it’s the quality of workmanship, the accuracy of fit, the authenticity of the ‘look and feel’ that is poured back into the car that matters. We’re skilled in period techniques used by specialist car makers like Ferrari, Aston Martin and Maserati. Our craftsmen are experts in hand-forming and finishing panels using tools and techniques that are fast becoming lost skills. We’re proud that the quality of our restoration work meets Ferrari Classiche standards. Enough said…


The vast majority cars we restore are classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Cars from this era were not made on a computerised assembly line, they are masterpieces of engineering: lovingly assembled, hand finished and brought into the world by people, not robots. Each is unique, possessing an individual personality that has to be rekindled during their restoration.

Restoration work is carried out to exacting standards by a team who are passionate about what they do. It’s the quality of workmanship, the accuracy of fit, the authenticity of the ‘look and feel’ they pour back into the car that counts.

How much work will be needed varies from car to car. Some may need just a bit of ‘TLC’ and a polish; others may need to be stripped down and refurbished and a few will join us as nothing more than an incomplete collection of parts, perhaps an unfinished, long-forgotten home project, that has to be thoroughly examined and then painstaking reassembled.


Bringing your car back to life

Bringing a car back to life is relatively easy – anyone can do that – restoring a masterpiece is anything but. Recapturing a car’s original personality and spirit and returning it to its former glory can only be achieved using a combination of technical excellence and outstanding craftsmanship underpinned by knowledge and experience, passion and perfectionism.

Our technicians have a thorough understanding of the ‘nut-and-bolt’ technology used by manufacturers such as Ferrari and Aston Martin; those working on the body are skilled craftsmen, experts in hand-forming and finishing panels using tools and techniques that are rapidly becoming lost skills. No corners are cut. No stone left unturned. “That’ll do”, simply won’t.

Ferrari Classiche Certification

Ferrari Classiche is the official Ferrari certification programme established to provide restoration and maintenance services, technical assistance and Certificates of Authenticity for owners of classic Ferraris.

The certification programme provides owners of road-going Ferraris over 20 years old, and all Ferrari competition cars, with confirmation from Ferrari about the authenticity of their car. The certificate, a Ferrari Classiche ‘Red Book’, is an important document which brings owners peace of mind and adds to the car’s desirability and value.

We are proud that due to the very high quality of our restoration work we have successfully gained Ferrari Classiche certification for projects through the Official Ferrari Dealer Network.


The Restoration Process

Restoration is both a science and an art. It’s a combination of processes, a blend of conservation, preservation, refurbishment, renewal and rebuilding that, when used appropriately, preserves as much of the original car as possible, both materially, in personality and in spirit. Restoration can be a daunting task.

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