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Ferrari F40 Replacement Alloy Fuel Tanks

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Ferrari F40 Replacement Alloy Fuel Tanks

Bespoke alloy fuel tanks for the Ferrari F40. Our hand-made tanks eliminate the need to replace the European specification car bag tanks every 10 years and prevent leakage when in use or storage.

Ferrari F40 Replacement Alloy Fuel Tanks

These bespoke alloy fuel tanks have been produced to satisfy the demand for a replacement for the original FIA specification fuel cell (bag tank) that requires replacing every ten years (at a cost in excess of £22,000 for the parts alone that were fitted to European specification cars from the factory).

This is the third iteration of our tanks and with each version the design evolves as subtle changes have been made to our original version. They are produced to an extremely high standard by motorsport craftsmen and are inspected and pressure tested after assembly. Each pair of tanks are supplied with all the necessary fittings both internally and externally for a trouble-free installation without any modification to the vehicle, therefore the original fuel cells can be retrofitted in the future, for Ferrari Classiche for example.

We have supplied many of these throughout Europe and across the States to customers who have not only reduced the cost to maintain their F40, but have also eliminated the risk of a perished fuel cell springing a leak whilst in storage or in use. We can supply these from stock and can quote for worldwide shipping or to install them in our own workshop.

The total cost for one pair including link pipes, fuel hoses, hose clips, baffle foam & certification is £6,950 plus VAT & shipping. Please contact us for a fitted price.

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